Creating a Component

create-adalo-component is a powerful and quick bootstrapping tool for creating new Adalo Libraries and is the recommended way to start building a new library for Adalo.

It sets up your base environment for building custom components for adalo by installing the required dependencies, adding scripts for development as well as giving you a basic starter manifest.json and a basic component.

Creating a new library

You'll need to have Node >=10.2 on your machine, and you need to enable developer mode on your Adalo account. Then to create a component, run:

npx create-adalo-component my-component
cd my-component
# login with your adalo credentials
npx adalo login
# start the development server
npx adalo dev

...then go to Adalo and add a new component to one of your screens. In the Add menu you should see a new section called "Development" where you'll find your new component.

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