Component Data

Besides actions, component data is another way to connect your component to the rest of the Adalo ecosystem. Makers can use component data by accessing it through Magic Text. You can implement Component Data into your component by assigning props the role of formValue in the component manifest:

"props": [
"name": "exampleFormValue",
"displayName": "Example Form Value",
"type": "text",
"role": "formValue"

In the code, exampleFormValue will now refer to a { value, onChange, initial } object.

When called, exampleFormValue.onChange will update exampleFormValue.value. exampleFormValue.value refers to the value that the component is exporting and can be accessed throughout the app as Magic Text. Additionally, exampleFormValue.initial will always refer to the initial value of exampleFormValue.value and can be useful for purposes such as setting placeholder values.

These values can be used in the code like so:

exampleComponent = (props)=> {
const { exampleFormValue } = props
return (

Using the onChange function with the file or image datatype varies slightly. For more information, see Files and Images.

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