Update Your Library Listing

All information about your library is stored in the adalo.json file. See the adalo.json documentation for more information about what the file supports.


If you created your library before March of 2022, you can generate this file by updating to the latest version of the CLI, and running either npx adalo update or npx adalo publish.

From here, tweak whatever you need to, and then run npx adalo update to update your library listing.

Here's what can be changed by this command:

  • displayName
  • description
  • logo (The image will get re-uploaded every time you run the command)
  • author
  • supportURL
  • price (This only applies to paid libraries)
  • demoURL
  • requiresThirdPartySubscription
  • details

Here's what's stored in the adalo.json file, but is updated when you publish a new version of your library:

  • components
  • iosInstallScript
  • androidInstallScript
  • webpackConfig
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